Le foto di Christopher Stevens, ambasciatore in Libia

Stanno facendo il giro del mondo le nuove immagini dell’ambasciatore americano Chris Stevens torturato e trascinato, prima di essere ucciso durante l’attacco al consolato statunitense a Bengasi, in Libia, l’11 settembre scorso.

Con lui sono stati uccisi altri tre altri americani. Dal blog di KSFO, una radio di notizie e approfondimenti di San Francisco. Il commento: questa gente è il male personificato!


  1. ...veramente io ho sentito stamattina che l'ambasciatore e un collaboratore sono morti asfissiati ....quale è la verità ?

    Scritto da aaa, 5 anni, 3 mesi fa

  2. sicuramente ci sono dei fanatici che hanno festeggiato l’evento, ma come sono andate davvero le cose forse, tanto per cambiare, non lo sapremo mai

    Scritto da diegod56, 5 anni, 3 mesi fa

  3. La verità "vera"? E chi può sapere esattamente quale sia?

    Scritto da boh, 5 anni, 3 mesi fa

  4. Esatto Diego.

    Scritto da boh, 5 anni, 3 mesi fa

  5. I think we will never know the truth. America is not being forthcoming. I received the news about the rape from friends in Europe almost as soon as it was reported, but there was no mention of it on the news in the USA until much later the following day. The media here has tried to avoid mentioning this information. They are claiming he died of asphyxiation, however I don't know how they can determine that without an autopsy. What is most important is that these attacks were not spontaneous. They were well organized and planned in advance to coordinate with 9/11. It is clear they had nothing to do with the movie about Mohammed; that is a rouse. That movie was posted on youtube more than 2 months ago; why wait so long? This is no coincidence. The US government had credible information that our embassies in that region were targets for a 9/11 attack and they did nothing. The military guards at the embassy didn't even have live ammunition. This is an outrage. What a needless loss of life!

    Scritto da Sharon Garzilli, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

  6. What should I say Sharon? It’s all very scary and the coincidence with 9/11 is not a coincidence, I think.

    Anyhow, I cannot think of a religious group imposing its point of view (in a violent way, or in a "democratic" way). It’s not tolerable, in my opinion. For political purposes or religious purposes, I do not care: it is not tolerable.

    Scritto da Boh, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

  7. Very true, Enrica. I do not know of any other religion that would , not only support this violence, but encourage it as well. The movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, departed from the commonly-depicted Biblical portrayal of Jesus, even showing scenes of him have sex. Although this was enormously insulting to the church, not one Christian is dead as a result of this movie. In 1989, there was a crucifix immersed in a bottle of human urine and exhibited as art....not one death as a result. Only in Islam does this happen. I do not understand how they can suggest that their's is a religion of peace.

    Scritto da Sharon Garzilli, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

  8. Sharon, I think that scholars know very well that it is not a pacifist religion. However, a pacific cohabitation should be (and is, I think) possible. Provided nobody tries to impose his point of view, of course. Even without arriving to killings, far before that.

    But are you sure that these terrible uprisings and killings are religious and that their matrix is really about religion?

    Scritto da boh, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

  9. I think they (the uprisings) are a combination of religious and political retaliation. We must keep in mind that Islam has a great influence on government policy in much, if not most, of the middle east, so it is sometimes difficult to separate the two. My opinion is that the violence was brought on by anti-American militants using the movie as a tool to grow and enrage the crowds so that they could coordinate these attacks to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. There are reports that some of the people arrested in these crimes claim that they were paid to stand in front of the embassy and start shouting. Emotions seem to run high in that part of the world, so it is very easy to create mass hysteria, which allowed the real organizers of the uprisings to complete their agenda. A couple of years ago there was something going around the internet called, "Everybody Paint Muhammad Day". If you use those words, and google (images), dozens of drawings will appear of Muhammad depicted as, everything from a pig wearing a turban, to a pedophile dragging a little girl behind him. Why did this not create an escalation in violence, I wonder? Perhaps because there were too many people from all across the world who participated in posting the offensive material and the militants were not able to point a finger at one specific country. This movie can clearly be linked to a person in the United States. We are a country they hate, for three major reasons: our alliance with Israel, our military presence in Saudi Arabia (sacred ground), and western Imperialism. So to answer your question...I think that religion is both the matrix and the tool used to accomplish the goal of spreading Islam and removing the United Sates and her ally from the region...all in the name of God. Forgive me for writing in English, but my Italian is not sophisticated enough to express clearly what I wanted to say.

    Scritto da Sharon Garzilli, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

  10. Dear Sharon, sorry to say that historically speaking they have all the reasons to hate the Usa and Uk. Since long time. And Europe as well (and Europe them!).

    But I think there is more, some government, and some groups, is trying to take advantage of the whole situation. But this is only an educated guess. I know nothing more than what is published, and I think that it is published only a small part of the truth.

    Scritto da boh, 5 anni, 2 mesi fa

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